Make it easy to help burnout

Engage your team with the wellness app that works with work.

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Lumiate works WITH YOU

Lumiate keeps you relaxed while you're productive. By simply pulsing the color of images on your screen, you can perform with more focus and less stress, with whatever workflow you can imagine.

Decrease stress and anxiety

At any time, practice light-guided mindfulness meditation or sync their breath with the pulse for deep resonance breathing.

Increase focus and productivity

Lumiate's patented method provides passive relaxation while mitigating distraction as individuals work throughout the day.

Reset with guided meditations

When it is time to take a break, simply switch to the Lumiate application window to pair audio guided meditation made for the pulsing light.

Lumiate can energize your team

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Built for the remote environment

We mean it when we say compatible.

It's hard to affect the remote work environment. Lumiate brings wellness to work at any time or place, supplementing workflow without organization or disruption.

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Wellness only goes as far as individuals participate. Unlike other wellness programs that incur a large upfront cost to ensure employee commitment, Lumiate just works during work.

Peace and focus anywhere

The home is, well, not the office. Chock full of distractions, stress rises as productivity drops. Lumiate gives employees the ability to keep stress down while staying on task.

"One" with workflow

Truly compatible, Lumiate helps individuals by affecting the light coming from their screen. This means that what's actually being done on the computer is unaffected. Email, spreadsheets, web applications, IDE's, you name it.

White glove relationship

Because we're small, you'll be treated like our number one client. We don't need extensive support agents because you can talk to the people that made it. We'll solve your problem, and turn around a better offering in return.