Meditation that gets better

Lumiate's meditations are designed to advance your meditative skills as quickly as possible. Studies using fMRI suggest that meditation prowess is correlated with meditation potency. With studies indicating that mindfulness meditation reduces stress and anxiety and increases focus, greater prowess can lead to greater benefit.

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Spend less time repeating the basics

The light keeps your mind calm when busy so you are ready to practice more advanced meditation during down time.

The missing piece of your workday

With meditations between 3 and 15 minutes, meditation is a click away and the perfect mental break.

Advance at your pace

Lumiate's complete library of on-demand techniques progress in difficulty, combining mindfulness, compassion, and mindset meditations.

Your meditation team

Dr. Greg Seton

Program Design

Greg received his PhD from the University of Oxford and specializes in the theoretical frameworks behind meditation. He currently spends time teaching Meditation Theory at Dartmouth College.

Yusef Seevers

Meditation Instructor

Yusef has taught meditation for over 8 years while building a company advocating body awareness and emotional intelligence.

James Esch Duran

Company Founder

After studying Economics and Buddhism, James invented the Lumiate method to make meditation easier and more accessible during the constant demands of the day.


Stress Management

Sometimes stress is a useful response. Meditation doesn't numb you, but it will keep you steady.

Focused Attention

Keep your attention where it's needed. Focus on what's important.

Increase Productivity

Benefits to focus and attention aside, you will spend less time fixated on what's not productive.

Settle Anxiety

Anxiety is like a natural intuition. Grasping at something to fear is the real problem.

Heighten Creativity

Settle discursive thought and maintain awareness on a given set of circumstances.

Improve Memory

Keep the mind calm to keep distractions out of precious working memory.